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Volunteer and Help Save Lives By:

  • Helping to care for our adoptable cats/kittens at our adoption centers: Petco at 520 Woodside Road in Redwood City. Volunteers help in our morning & evening shifts to clean cages and socialize with the cats and kittens.
  • Assistance at adoption fairs (occasional Saturdays) and helping to find forever homes for our cats and kittens.
  • Fostering cats or kittens in your home that require either socialization or, in the case of a baby kitten... care until ready to go to an adoption center.
  • Help to feed at a small feral cat colony in Portola Valley (feeding takes approximately 15 minutes and is done once a day).
  • Help sanitize carriers and cages so our kittens can stay healthy and happy (as per the volunteer's availability).
  • Transportation of our cats to/from adoption fairs and medical appointments (5-10 miles)
  • Distribution and maintenance of flyers/posters and other media
  • Other administrative tasks.

Benefits to Volunteering for Humanimal 

  • Spend time with family or friends on a altruistic activity
  • Add an extracurricular activity to your resume or college application
  • Teach your children about the responsibilities of pets before bringing one into your home
  • Get to spend time with kittens and cats!
  • Gain community service hours for school

Volunteer?  Foster?

Email us at info@humanimalconnection.com for more details.

Kitten Foster Program

Humanimal Connection DESPERATELY needs fosters for our many kittens!

As a foster-network rescue group, we cannot commit to rescuing kittens unless we have foster homes, and right now, all of our foster homes are currently fostering kittens! That means, we are currently out of foster homes! Please email us if you are interested in fostering!

Typically, families foster a litter of kittens for at least two weeks. Each litter is different, some need socialization, some are without the mother cat, and some require bottle-feeding. We will match your foster kitties to your personal capabilities.

We provide food, litter, bedding, etc...

We provide the food, litter, litter box, bedding, and everything you need to foster the kitties. We provide medical treatments and routine vaccinations. You provide the kittens with a wonderful foster family and lots of love!